Adam Noble combines his passion for music and 15+ years experience to offer the most efficient and practical way to learn guitar, for beginners through to advanced players. His private tuition will show you anything you wish to learn, whether it be lead, rhythm, acoustic, electric, song writing, shredding solo’s or just strumming a few chords to sing along to.

Teaching a range of styles and specializing in rock/shred/classical, Adam prides himself on tailoring his lessons to keep it the most interesting for YOU, and always explaining things clearly and simply whilst finding the quickest way for YOU to improve your playing.



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Services Adam offers:

  • Private guitar tuition in the Wollongong/Fairy Meadow area
  • Lessons on both electric and acoustic playing
  • Equipment advice (string gauge, pick, guitar etc)
  • Restringing as well as string & pick sales
  • Free guitar hire during lessons for students without a guitar
  • Live music for party’s/functions with his duo, the Good Time Boys


About Adam:

Adam has over 15 years experience playing guitar and over 5 years experience teaching. Having studied music for 3 years, he has an Advanced Diploma in Music, and currently performs as a professional guitarist/backing vocalist with his duo, the Good Time Boys. He employs a wide variety of styles in his playing, and has a passion for classical music, rock music, heavy metal, and singer/songwriters.


Benefits of learning an instrument:

Students who play music are smarter!!! Study after study have shown that students who play an instrument do better in school than their non musical peers (not just in music, but in all subjects-particularly Maths and...(read more)




To book in a free trial lesson with Adam click here.