The Benefits Of Learning An Instrument


Learning music makes you smart

There are many reasons to learn a musical instrument, but topping the list of benefits is the increased intellectual capacity. Study after study have shown that students who play an instrument do better in school than their non musical peers (not just in music, but in all subjects-particularly Maths and English). Recent research also suggests exposure to music may benefit a child's reading age, IQ and the development of certain parts of the brain. Adults too can benefit from learning an instrument as it helps the mind keep alert, and sharpens the memory.


Learning music instils discipline

Because of the challenging nature of learning an instrument, it requires regimented practice in order to achieve results, which teaches discipline to students-an admirable quality that all competent musicians possess.


It helps relieve stress

Nothing clears and de-stresses the mind more than picking up your instrument and escaping to your own world. Music is one of life’s simple pleasures, and it’s therapeutic nature is a remarkable tool for stress relief.


Playing music is fun

There is no sweeter victory than finally mastering a piece that you’ve been learning for weeks or even months. The sense of achievement acquired from mastering a song is something that cannot be articulated. Everyone likes music-it’s the universal medium, but playing it is even more fun than listening. Learning an instrument opens up many good possibilities in the future, and is a wholesome and enriching thing to do.